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The "Medicine and Science" Scientific-practical journal named by A.Aliyev publishes original articles in all sections of medicine. The articles must not been published or presented for publication in other editions (except the cases of Editorial board’s decision).
After Editorial Staff’s approve articles will be published during 1-6 months. The article must be written in Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Turkish languages, advantage will have an article on Azerbaijani language.
The official covering letter of Institution and teacher’s stamped and signed comment must be applied to the manuscript. The articles must be presented in Microsoft Word format in duplicate printed versions and on CD (not depending on Editorial board’s decision the manuscript is not sending back). For the articles in Azerbaijani language must be used Times Roman Azlat font, for the others - Times New Roman and be printed on A4 format, symbols size 14pt, line-to-line spacing 1.5. The amount of the original article including illustrations, tables and references must not be more than 8 pages, literatures reviews and lectures - 12 pages.
The articles must consist of the next sections:

- introduction
- investigation’s material and methods
- results and discussions
- list of references
- abstract and key words (in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages)

The references must be presented in alphabetical list according to the Vancouver’s system (first Azerbaijani, then Russian, English and other languages).
Editorial board has the rights to cancel or edit the presented articles and is not responsible for published information.